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To be honest I think there isn’t much left to be disappointed. From here on out it all seems pretty obvious.

We probably will get cleganebowl, kings landing probably will be destroyed, either by the dragon or by wildfire, maybe even both. Cersei will probably die, killed by arya or jamie or maybe even aryamie, jon snow or dany will probably die too, either killed in the battle or killed by varys, I have a feeling the starks will come out on top. That is sansa and bran, arya and jon will be too involved in kings landing, but I doubt they’ll have much to say after the battle.

So what would be disappointing? Do we still have any likeable character in the show that could have a disappointing death scene? Any real turn the show could take to suprise us? Not really.

I pretty much lost interest or started to actively hate them all, so bring the deaths. And Maybe even bring the total destruction of kings landing. Like anyone gives a fuck anymore anyway (but keep sansa out of it – she cool).

Unless some unknown space force teamed up with the dornish and takes over everything in the next two episodes, and let’s face it, that is not going to happen, this show has no suprises left except for maybe one little one:

What they will do with the third dragon, I can’t believe the show will end with it still alive. That’s the only Thing that could disappoint and since this is Season 8, it’ll probably just fly away to god knows where or just be shot with an arrow or something. So I guess one small disappointment might be possible after all.

I’m still Looking forward to it though. Whatever is going to happen in kings landing when dany attacks will probably be a lot of fun to watch, and it probably won’t happen at night, so this time we might even be able to make out the details.

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at 7:00 PM

I think it’s pretty much a given it’ll never actually happen in the books. Tbh, it doesn’t feel at all like the logical conclusion to Sandor’s character arc. But here on hbo’s game of thrones, there are no character arcs, only cool violent things that d&d would like to see, so, might as well try to bask in it as much as possible. It’ll be a cool fight if it’s nothing else (and it literally is nothing else).


at 10:53 PM

the more time i spend on r/gameofthrones the more i can understand why people are hating on this season. i tend to take entertainment at face value so my enjoyment isn’t really affected very much.

my complaint personally though is how exactly missandei got captured. was euron just like… chilling out and he saw her? would he even have known she was important? did she swim towards him for some reason lol??

one theory i’ve read is that sansa tipped cersei off to dany’s movement, so i guess it’s possible that she also told cersei that missandei was a valuable asset??


at 2:33 PM

We can still hope Cersei wins. That would make everything worthwhile. Cold calculation + wealth beats dumb drama and emotional incentives.